DJ Drama & Pharrell – In My Mind ‘The Prequel’

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Who’s got the gift of gab? DJ Drama? Pharrell? Naw it’s Drama and Pharrell people. I think this is the most shit I heard Drama talk on a mixtape in a minute, Dimez and I were talking about this yesterday too. Pharrell running his mouf a little extra in the “interludes” as well. This CD is lovely ass promo at it’s finest though. Drama is truly a force to be rekoned with when setting up an artist CD, top of the game right now. I’m not gonna bullshit you like I ever was really checking checking for Pharrell on the MIC. Given the shit I’ve heard in the past he can hook up some fly lines but his flow comes off amature-ish, still needs to polish that up some more. If he wasn’t a top producer/hook writer/musician would we still be trying to check for him strickly off MIC skillz? The main thing that makes this CD pop off is the beats used. Old Wu (liquid swords), (4th Chamber), (incarcerated scarfaces), Old Ice Cube (it was a good day), Old Rakim (paid in full) and Old Smiff-n-Wesson (sound bwoy buriel). Drama is truly a mixtape executive producer and if these labels would pay attention they would get DJs like Drama and Greenlantern to lace some of their artists albums. < I was reading the Pharrell article in XXL and from what I gather this mixtape will contain most of the street shit and I got a feeling, Rapmullet wise, this mixape will be better than his album. Not alot of R&B singing on this joint really but the shit with the Clipse "Come Go With Me" had my ear for a hot minute. Still given the above beats I was diggin' "High Rollers" the most, the shit just moved me I guess. Same with "Word to The Motherland", Pharrell just breaks it down on this track. The hook didn't work for me but the rhymes were potent. He always slips in a jewel of line to make you think and he def keeps it conscious to a certain point but the excess bling talk and cars and $$$ wear thin on me. I can't relate to it to be honest and just about 90% of the hip hop fans can't either. I like that Pharrell speaks from his heart or at least gives the impression that he does. He comes across like he knows who he is and where he wants to go. Music wise this CD is three tapes but the extra talking made me go with two and a half. Don't tell me the whole set up of your album, verbalize it in the music that's on the CD. Cats gotta show me music wise, let me figure it out don't tell me. This ain't an open book test people, gotta think.