DJ Drama & Young Jeezy – I Am The Street Dream

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You had to know this CD was coming given the mixtape history of these two and the fact Jeezy has an album coming out. Considering the way their first three mixtapes popped off in hind sight who helped who the most? I hear the streets talking but I’m just glad they came back together to drop another mixtape jewel for the people.

The hunger is undeniable people. There aint no one keeping it as gangsta as Jeezy right now. “U Know What It Is”, once the actual beat drops, will incite riots. One thing Jeezy does as well as any MC is paint that lyrical picture. Listen to the first verse of “J.E.E.Z.Y” and tell me you can’t picture in your mind exactly what he’s talking about. Plus its the ultimate 3rd person hook I’ve ever heard! Beat wise, “I Love It” is that shit. Cats should be getting their freestyle on to this beat all over mixtapes. The hook def fell short of the hit potential it posses. My favorite shit gotta be “Child of God”. I mean from the beat to the story telling in the rhyme if you don’t feel this shit you should switch to de-cafe and start fucking with another genre of music. “Lets Just Say” is a hell of a concept and lets just say Jeezy owns the block like no other right now in the game. 211 and Slick Pulla spit that trap star theme music on “I’m A G Too”. This is that classic mixtape music. Speaking of Slick Pulla and classic mixtape tracks, “Get Right” is another one. He called hoes “rotisserie”, shit had me rolling.

I can’t think of an MC right now that spits as hard as Jeezy on every single track. He doesn’t make club tracks, he doesn’t make radio tracks, he just makes the music he feels and the masses love him for it. Drama on the other hand is back with that patented mixtape swagger. He’s bringing tracks back, showing that skill while talking much shit. You gotta love it. I don’t know if we’ll ever hear another Drama/Jeezy mixtape again but lets thank them for what they’ve done for the game up till this point.