DJ Dub & DJ Victorious -Heavy Metal Vol. 2

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I missed out on part one but I def wasn’t gonna miss out on part two. A big welcome back to Dub and Victorious, it’s been a minute since I heard a CD from either one of these two. MF Doom is a beast on the MIC but even more beastly on the beats and he compliments Ghost like no other. Those who think Ghostface fell off raise your hands….that’s what I thought. Don’t ever doubt Ghost in your life, Ironman doesn’t like that.

“Angels” is my shit, hands down. Ghost may not be a platinum artist anymore but he paints a picture like no other MC and this beat is so minimal it’s sick. Dub did his 1&2 thing with the “Ante Up” joint. I was ready to snap necks after hearing this track. Dub also flipped “Criminology” from a hard core militant anthem into a smooth, laid back groove. On some unreleased shit, “The Watch” is a classic hands down. Raekwon and Ghostface trading verses is next level and that beat, oh man that beat is some shit for ya ass. “Momma” got a ill vibe to it and Megan Rochelle fits well on this too. Ghost comes with that raw emotion, his voice doesn’t annoy me at all, that shit is genuine to the core. Ghost with Doom on the beats is a good fit, can’t front.

Dub and Victorious stay dropping good music. I love the fact that while everyone is chasing exclusives and coming with half ass concepts these two DJs do something different. That’s what you call studying the game and gettin’ in where you want. I might’ve missed part 1 but I sure as hell didn’t miss this one.