DJ Dub Floyd & Digital Product – Blendin’ Aces

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Here’s the thing…Blend mixtapes and movies go hand and hand. The movies add to concept and if done right you will at the end of it all have a quality mixtape movie experience. I saw Smokin’ Aces, the bootleg online “cam” version. Gotta love those cam bootlegs. It was a decent flick, Alicia Keys was bad ass and Common did a good job too. A whole lotta gun play for a predictable ending. That twist was too easy to see coming. Regardless, it’s going to be interesting to see how Dub and DP pull this off.

The intro sets the tone, I like how they used their own names in that shit. Normally I would throw a fit with any Swizz Beats vocal track, but DP brought out the best in dude with that beat and having Biggie on the track for “It’s Me Bitches”. I’m not letting Swizz get off that easy tho…He said “call me the sandman / when I drop beats call me the one man band man.” Huh? Is he putting cats to sleep with his beats and we call him “Sandman”? Personally if there is any one producer to bring the key-tar back it will be Swizz beats. “Tuck That Chain” has this grand sound to it…like it was a major production. Trick Daddy is cool but the Clipse killed this beat. Personally I can’t fuck with Mike Jones’ new joint “Mr. Jones”, even with Dub Floyd playing it over “This Is Why I’m Hot”. I mean that beat will make the worst MC sound dope. Matter of fact take that instrumental and flow over it using saying “Mary had a little lamb”. See it sounds dope right. lol Dub Floyd caught on fire real quick with “Get Low”, making Stat Quo sounding better than ever. Can somebody tell me what the song is playing in the back of that “Six Figures” interlude? That extra fly shit was on “Girlfriend”. Tell me Alicia Keys doesn’t sound good as hell over that beat? This is your highway theme music right here. There is always one blend on any blend CD that annoys me, that title on this CD goes to “My Love Wouldn’t Get Far”. I love that Mary joint but over that beat made me want to poke my eye out…Pac sounded good tho. Props to DP on “We In Here”…he got cats sounding Afficial. Naw but for real that beat was militant as hell. Getting back on the highway with “Project Jazz”, if this joint doesn’t move you then you must be hitting off blow up dolls on the low with Philly Customs. (Sorry Phyllis). I see Dub Floyd trying to start a party at the end of the CD with the “Go” blend; nice couple beats right there.

Cats putting in work people, it’s a beautiful thing. Dub and DP did a nice job of keeping the concept basic and sprinkling in the movie clips to keep shit moving. They were able to have a blend for damn near every type of hip hop music fan which these days is a lost art in it self. It’s the beats people, the beats will hold down any blend CD and what really makes this joint bangin’ is the fact they went outside the box using vocals from cats like Remo, Esso and Hell Razah. All while satisfying the 2Pac, Clipse, Lil Wayne, and Jeezy fans. With blend CDs dropping so little now it’s refreshing to know theirs a few cats keeping shit alive properly.