DJ Dub Floyd & DJ Lil Raskal – Swizzaland

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First and foremost if you’re not creating exclusives, breaking exclusives, breaking artist or creating one of a kind mixtape concepts you my friend are not a mixtape DJ. You are a follower, a used tampon on the floor of a truck stop somewhere in Montana. Dub Floyd and Lil Raskal? Those two are DJs and this whole mixtape is what you call “creating exclusives” cause no one ever heard this before. Get it? Good.

Peep the cover, it’s Swizz Beats and Timbaland. Two producers who helped define the late 90s. Swizz carved out a niche for NY and the east while Timbaland innovated a new sound outta VA. These blends flip it producer to producer, multi beats from both over multi-acapellas from…everyone.

50 tracks deep so we’ll keep it short. I can’t remember the last time a heard a proper intro track like that. “Come On Baby Keep It Movin” knocks too and is short enough to have me rewinding and long enough to hold my ear and keep me interested in the next blend. Nas sounds dope as hell on “The Things Hot Boys Do”. You gotta love when a blend is in key. I dug how they flipped “If Your Girl Only Knew About The Hotel”. If you can’t figure it out from the title they used Cassidy’s “Hotel” beat and it works lovely. There was quite a bit of Cassidy on here, not a big fan of his but on a project like this I’ll fuck with him. You had me when “Treat ‘Em Right” beat dropped over JTs “I’m Bringing Sexy Back Just Fine”. “Hovito Es Lo Que Soy” is one of the best Jay-Z blends I’ve heard, real talk. Too blends highlight people.

It’s just the raw energy of the project that I dig. It actually sounds like Dub Floyd and Lil Raskal had fun putting it together too…which in this day and age of pasting tracks together with some drops and a pretty cover is rare. It feels like ’06 or ’07 again when blends were concept based and the creativity was flowing heavy. Normally I try to get creative at the end of the review, say something cleaver and/or tie in the title of the mixtape but I think I just say…thanks for making this project and keep blend hope alive. (*raises fist like Jud Nelson at the end of Breakfast Club)