DJ Dub Floyd & DJ Radio – Streetshow

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I’ve been looking forward to this release all week. DJs coming together putting out that product that plays off each others strengths: Dub Floyd with the skills and Radio keeping it funky like dirty socks and corn chips on the hosting like only he can do. With the blend game in a sorry ass state it’s DJs like Dub Floyd who keep that mixtape genre alive and well. I’m expecting a whole bunch of joints on here: blends, new shit, freestyles and a gang of shit talking. Let the show begin.

“Almighty” is that hustle off the beeper music. Come on man, Stack Bundles, Saigon and Jae Millz on a track…as envisioned by Dub Floyd. Tell me those cats don’t sound extra hungry on that “Mighty Healthy” beat? I had high hopes for Stack Bundles, Jim Jones and The Game on a track but “The Chosen One” mildly annoyed with that beat used. Hold up, hide the women and children…”Respect Me” got Stat Quo and Jody Breeze spittin’ explosives over that new Ja/Wayne shit. Now this is mixtape music! MCs should take notes right here. Dub Floyd flipped two beats behind Dramills’ “What You Need” and made that shit brand new all over again. See what a quality DJ with skills can do for you? Speaking of Dramills, If you ain’t up on “Next Story” yet there maybe no help for you. “Spittin’ so hard that this verse may break my chest.” If you don’t know who said that line…man don’t make me slap you. Ahhh shit, Laz and Opium went in over that classic Half A Mil joint “Some Ni99as”…classic. This shit will make you want to hit the block with caine. I’m def diggin’ how Mr. Floyd flipped the beat used for that “Southside” Screamixx. Can we get an unofficial remix credit for Dub Floyds flip of the “Bang It Out” Screamixx? Oh shit, this joint had me tearing a dutch just to rewind it again. Plus he put Jada and Graf on the shit…get the fuck outta here! Crazy. Finally! A DJ used 50’s acapella for “I Get Money” instead of the beat for some clown to freestyle on. “I Got Money” was smooth over classic Junior Mafia. Montega displayed the verbal weapon on that “Money In The Bank” freestyle; one of the hottest freestyle/mixtape tracks out right now. You know what kills me? DJs could barely play “Stuntin” with Cormega and Hell Rell but Dub Floyd takes it a step further and remixes the shit throwing Freeway on at the end. Some of ya’ll should be ashamed. They got a couple sleeper joints at the end too; “This Is My Jam” with Geolani and DV Alais Khryst on the hook got that club banger and S-One on “Street Dreams ’07” with that thug ya mother flow.

The balance on here is phenomenal; like I said above….blends, new shit, freestyles…man its rare to find DJs dropping like that now. And No Lil Wayne! See DJs you can make a mixtape without Wayne on it and it will be bangin’. Hahaha, fuck that tho. There ain’t nothing left to do but cop this joint, turn it up as loud as you can and let it hit you in the chest and lift you off the ground.