DJ Dub Floyd & Dramills – A Nightmare On Your Street

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In case you ain’t know…the future of mixtapes is looking good as hell; especially with Dub Floyd doing this thing. It doesn’t matter where you from or where you at, it only matters how well you do your thing in the matrix that’s know as the consistent grind. I was glad to see Dramills hosting/holding down this project.

Peep Montega on the intro. That’s how you set shit off with a custom freestyle over multiple beats; “say his name in the mirror he’ll apear in ya hood”. I like that shit. “What You Need” is that real shit. Dramills ad lib on the second hook talking to a bitch: “yo can I get some head or something Ma? come on…can I get some ass?…damn.” Shit had me rolling…like I said its that real shit. “Grown Men” is that classic mixtape, creative, Dirty Harry Rap Figures-esque mixtape music. Cats would die to get the Clipse on a track with Jada, Fab and Red Cafe, Dub Floyd makes it happen and he adds Big Cas in the middle to hold his own with the big dogs and he hangs verse for verse. Hearing Stack Bundles on “For Certain” is like running into a brick wall over an over again. He’s that next dude on the MIC from NY. Don’t even debate it, shit is wrap. Phene slides through for a custom freestyle of his own; word play was top notch too. For some reason man I can’t fuck with “Pin The Tail”. Cats eating that shit up but the track is seriously lacking rhythm is you ask me. If there’s one MC I’ll listen too over Jay’s “Show Me What You Got” its Esso. He’s 110% Harlem, slick word play and he got that money making arrogance; you gotta love it. The second best remix gotta be “Who Want A Problem”. Dub made that shit sound brand fucking new cause the original beat doesn’t do Styles P proper. I still hate Swizz on the hook. Remy Ma was a good match too, shit was flowing together lovely. “Who Run It” (Screamixx) was the highway music of the CD, that shit to make your neck snap off into your lap.

Dub coming strong with this CD and he’s challenging himself with the formula. If you’ve read my reviews going way back you know this joint right here is what we consider a “complete” mixtape. Meaning you got your true “exclusive” freestyles, blends/remixes, hot new joints, some skill, a dope host and some Dub Floyd personality on the MIC. Pulling this off is a feat in and of itself, let along making that shit sound good. Mixtape DJs wish they could have the patients to pull a joint off like this. You peep I said patients right? Everyone always in a rush to get shit out when its patients that will truly keep you on point. Dig on that.