DJ Dub Floyd – Hip Hop Dock-Trine

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If there are people who haven’t seen the Boondocks Cartoon yet I really, really, really feel sorry for your mother! I mean come on people, this is hip hop. Boondocks is some truly group breaking, entertaining material. It pushes the boundaries of Hip Hop and Race with every episode. Kind of like what Hip Hop used to do, ya dig? Dub Floyd is ground breaking in his own right with the mixtapes. He’s only just begun to buzz but check back in a year and he’s sure to be buzzing like a wood chipper in the middle of the projects.

Who has heard Asheru rhyme besides on the theme music for this show? I know there’s a few. I think I heard him with Talib somewhere but I can’t remember. He’s a dude with a message that keeps on pluggin’ away while making hip hop a learning tool for the kids. Props to that man. “The Hustle” is that smooth intelligence, lay back and soak it up man. Just for the record Reilly bit my AKA cause I’m the original “Horse Choker”! He can keep the Louis Rich moniker though. By far the best drop of the CD was “Uncle Rukus” yelling “say that again, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me shittin’ myself”. If Dub doesn’t use that to bring records back on future mixtapes he’s crazy. I was truly diggin’ the smooth joints on here. Common with “Nag Champa” was a laid back head nod. Dub Floyd with the “Format” blend is classic with AZ and Rakim. That’s actually a collaboration I would want to hear. My favorite shit gotta be “Mood Swing”. This track is all day in the IPod, the whip, while I’m taking a shit or making a samich, shit is that deep people. Ghostface absolutely murders “Whip You With A Strap”. I know you heard it before but that shit is so descriptive and vivid you can’t help but feel that track. The sleeper track of the CD is “Smiling Faces” with that soul/pop vibe to end the CD.

The most important thing about this project is that Dub Floyd captures the essence of the show with the music. Each character is represented and their personalities shine with each track. Credit Dub for having a vision and executing a well throughout CD and being part of a group breaking promotional vehicle. Go cop that Boondocks DVD, I know I will. Stay checking for Dub Floyd and people keep ya ears open for Asheru, he’s got something to say and it needs to be heard.