DJ Dub Floyd – I Do It for Hip Hop

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Mixtapes worst nightmare is back in the Rapmullet building. Dub Floyd does it for Hip Hop and the rest just falls into place. I wish it was that simple but it never is. Cats gotta put in work, work and more work. That’s exactly what Mr. Floyd has been doing. This project right here is all about Ludacris, Nas and Jay-Z, some of that classic Dub Floyd mixing and a whole lotta hip hop.

Someone get me some coke, I need a bump real quick while “Trinity” plays in the background. That’s a classic sample right there that requires cocaine, a fur and a couple of scantily clad women putting in work. If you only listen to one track off this project let it be “Warm it Up ’09”. Add classic Kane beat with Jay Z and Ludacris and you get some Dub Floyd home cooked hot ass hip hop. Its funny cause cats are scared to rhyme at those BMPs now. The homie Floyd laced “Customer Service” too. It’s those little things, like two and 3 seconds of beats dropped in the middle of the mix that give your mixtape character and this track oozes character. Peep “Dirty NYC” to hear how to bring a track back properly. That people is how you highlight the mix properly. Shout to DJ Wally Sparks. Dub slides in a Wally Sparks mix with “It’s A Mans World” that gotta Luda’s bars getting all the shine. The sleeper scream mixx you have to listen to is “Runnin Away” with Luda, Nas and Mary. This is how you create you own exclusive right here and it full of that raw emotion too.

This is classic Dub Floyd. The only real critique I can give him is on the technical side. The gaps in the mix down got to go. It def fucks with the flow of the CD if the shit isn’t tracked right. That 1-second glitch of nothing is like the CD got hiccups and it doesn’t do the work that was put in justice.