DJ Dub Floyd, Kayne West & Hevehitta – Fast Forward

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Occasionally people you get that mixtape that just fucks your head up. That shit that you think you won’t like but it stays in the CD player/Ipod for weeks. I know what Dub Floyd and Hevehitta bring to the table mixtape wise but I’ve never been a big Kanye fan, I don’t even think I own a Kanye album to be honest. Let’s fast forward to the end of the review…I’m a fan now.

I give props when it’s due and the fact Kanye “hosts” this joint deserves props. I don’t remember him hosting too many mixtapes so cats are on their grind when it comes to obtaining superstar hosts. “Flashing Lights” gotta be my favorite Kanye track right now…something about that beat and the fact Dub Floyd seamlessly blends in some Talib Kweli just make me constantly hit the << button. I’m not even mad at the “Lollipop” remix. That shit has been ingrained in my soul from the radio but lyrically Kanye slides in a few slick lines…”flows so cold chicken soup won’t help”. I’ll be damned if the “American Boy” remix doesn’t get you to nod your head…that’s feel good music. As we get into some Dub Floyd Screamixx’s you have to give it up for “Sky High Graduates”. The beat is the foundation but the bars make it pop, that Lupe verse is the shit. If you don’t already fuck with “Livin’ A Movie” I’m gonna stab you in the eye with a fork…that beat alone is worth the listen and subsequent rewind. Oh, you want that mixtape music. Peep “03 Electric Relaxation” with Consequence…cats diggin’ up that fly shit. Same with “Throw Some D’s”…”she real smart but her ass stupid”…lol. I’m diggin’ Pusha T’s verse on the “Everyone Nose” remix…that’s some slick shit. Musically, “Us Placers” is the wheel and that rewind material. Besides “Flashin Lights” the other joint I fuck with is “Homecoming”… I can bump that joint all day. I don’t know what else you want Dub Floyd and Hevehitta to do on a mixtape. You got your hits, your early rare material, your mixtape flips, your Screamixx’s, your live tracks and Kanye hosts the joint too. There’s nothing left but the kitchen sink or Kanye actually performing for you in your living room…which by the sound/formula/skills/music up on here is as close to that happening as you will ever come.