DJ Dub Floyd – Screamixx

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This is my underdog CD of the week people. I knew Dub Floyd had skills and he could blend but I’ll be damn if I wasn’t sleeping on this joint. Three words to describe this project; creepy feel good. Even with all the mixtapes new nightmare drops and movie clips from Nightmare on Elm St. Shit, you didn’t know it feels good to have Freddy creep up in your dreams and kill you? On to the music.

I’m diggin’ the intro people. There’s something about working movie clips and cuts together that just sets the stage for a proper blend soundtrack. Dub Floyd pretty much goes for the jugular right out the box with some feel good blends of “Say I” and “Enough Crying”. He’s got Mary flowing over “Award Tour” so lovely and then flips it with “Grindin”. Damn shame Ghostface isn’t selling records like crazy even though “Back Like That” has been getting mad radio play. Dub destroys the blend of this; he’s got “I Got A Story To Tell” mixed with “All That I Need”, shit just peep the clip. After this point in the CD Dub rolls through a few south blends, shit was def cool as a fan. My favorite blend gotta be “Kick, Push” blended with “Check The Rhyme”. This is that feel good music I was talking about. You know what’s a lost art now a day with blends? Letting the acapella drop solo with no beat behind it while you anticipate the beat that’s about to drop behind it. The “Me And U” blend does just that and will def let you get your highway on in the ride. I’m leaving out a few jewels in the highlights because your actually gonna have to cop this to see what your missing. On the freestyle tip peep Brick Saavy, Geolani’ and Dan Deuce respectively; they coming on strong right now.

This is the best I ever heard Dub Floyd on a mixtape. The formula was killing it. I like how he would flip an R&B; blend and the shit is a little bouncy and half way through he flips it to some hard shit like “4th Chamber”. He did this a few times throughout the project. Cats are sleeping though man. I was looking for the track list to this online to put with the review and couldn’t find it. What’s up with that shit? Maybe he ain’t drop it yet though but still man. Another three tape blend review for all you avid Rapmullet readers. All I can tell you is cop the CD, peep it and if you don’t agree with the review- hit me up and let’s chop it up. I love breaking down mixtapes everyday all day.