DJ Dub Floyd with Lil Raskal – Screamixx Part 2

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Blends are like crack to a most mixtape heads. These days its more like some expensive ass coke cause DJs don’t drop em like they used to and with technology their even more advanced. If you caught Screamixx Part 1 you know you got some fine Bolivian Flake in your CD player or as Dimez likes to call it “booger sugar”. Lil Raskal joined the party for Part 2 and that’s what he usual brings to the table; some feel good party shit. He’s a master of the top 40 blends and best believe that shit sells like new Big Mike at the flea market.

Unexpected doing what he do on the intro; skills for days. The first blend to catch my ear was the “Entourage” blend. For some reason that shit had me wanting to do the robot with it’s old school appeal. Matter of fact I did do the robot and the shit was crazy too. Lupe Fiasco over “Triumph”? That shit was tight. That beat will make anyone sound brolic, even Lupe. Dub was bringing back memories with the “Listen” blend; classic beats work every time. On some punk smooth shit, Lil Raskal mellowed out T.I. with the “Why You Wanna” blend. Shit had me looking for my cognac glass and a stoggie. Hardest blend of the CD was “Wamp Wamp”. This is that shit you wanna ride out too right here. “Me hesitate none pop ya”. On some crunk type shit, Lil Raskal laid it down with “Get Up On It”. That blend was all elbows and ass holes in the club. Bone Crusher is a beast. Dub and Raskal colabo on “Be Easy” to flip a few beats back and forth with precision. The sleeper blend for Raskal is Biggie and Chamillionaire on “Grown and Sexy”. This joint is that napalm; Chamillionaire on that hook is some hit record type shit and well Biggie is Biggie ya dig? For Dub it’s gotta be John Legend on “Save Room”. I was whip’n it on the highway like OJ in a white Bronco to this shit.

The project has classic moments on it and truth be told some of my people felt like the CD was a classic. Me…I like the grimy, roll around in the dirt, don’t change ya draws for a couple days type blends. I will however get my highway on to some well done Top 40 shit and in fact with blends like this it was all gravy and listen pleasure. I would have liked to of seen more of a balance between the Top 40 stuff and some block music. The Nighmare On Elm St. clips are tight but at some point Dub may have to switch up the concept to keep shit fesh. Skill wise Dub Floyd and Lil Raskal doing they thing. Its quality mixing throughout, if you looking for popular tracks that are pop’n (pun) off right now this IS the blend CD to have.