DJ Dub – Nas & DJ Premier – NY State of Mind

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This is an ambitious project and a fairly decent concept. I have faith in Dub though he has enough skills to pull this off while adding his own style to the CD. There are a gang of Nas acapellas out there so that shouldn’t be an issue while on the other hand how many Primo instrumentals you think you can find? Ok maybe you can find some but are the all bangin? I love Primo but to me he’s either really on point or really off, no in between.

The intro was smooth and well thought out, great way to jump shit off. “Flyest Come Up” was cool, AZ and Nas def need to record again, doubt it will happen though. The CD was up and down to me after this. Blends like “Got Urself” and Salute Me Enemy” came off hard as hell while the addition of Mobb Deep on “Survival of the Invincible” sounds forced. Although I def fuck with Kool G Rap “Fast Realness” was just a lackluster blend. Dub made up for it with Common spittin’ on “Memory Lane”. A Common and Nas colabo over a Primo beat sounds like a good move on any album. Dub lost me again though with “Warriors Work”. Although technically sound when the hook hits the shit just falls on def ears.

Dub def did his thing on this CD. Cuts were flowing like water and the CD has a nice flow to it from beginning to end. The project seems a little rushed to me for some reason, probably because some of the blends were just ok. I got this feeling like “the blend works so let me move on and get this joint done” type feel. Maybe I’m wrong, just the vibe I got off the music. Bottom line though is Nas and Primo are a good match and should def be able to conjure up a classic album. Like the cover says this is a preview so it accomplished what it was set out to do.