DJ Dub, Sheek Louch and DJ Dub Floyd – Animal Planet

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Silverback gorillas are some mean son-of-a-bitches. Not the animal you want to run across in the jungle without some sort of weapon. I guess you could say the same for Sheek as an MC. He’s not the most lyrical cat but his intensity is unmatched and he will verbally slap the shit out of you. In all honesty with all the D Block and Sheek mixtapes out the only reason I wanted to peep this was for the Dub Floyd mixes and to hear if Sheek stepped it up lyrically at all.

The narration from a nature show in the intro is classic and fits the “theme” perfectly. It was a little lengthy but it worked. I really want to like “D-Block Dipset” but with Dipset slowly falling off it doesn’t pop off like you think it would. Jimbo Jones got lost on that beat too. Of course the first joint I have to rewind is a Dub Floyd Screamixx. “Good Love” with Talib Kweli is exactly how you step up with a “concept” blend. Most cats would pair Sheek with another thugged out MC but Dub Floyd takes it to the right level and compliments the content of the Sheek verse with Talib. Dub Floyd brings back the concrete bars with “Written In Blood”. That blend will have you sound checkin uzi’s. On some real ass mixtape music Sheek dropped jewels on the “Superstar” freestyle; this is Sheek at his best. “Down South” is what you call an anthem for real. If you don’t feel like swinging an elbow after listening to that joint you might be a lame. Dub Floyd is the master of creating potent hooks too. Don’t front, “The Fast Way” had you nodding your head like a fiend about to suck dick for a rock. One of the best blends of 2008…”Pain”. Most new jack DJs don’t even know that first beat exists…it’s that shit that will have you wanting to fuck a hood rat on the floor of project hallway. B-Roc did his thing on the beat for “Think We Got A Problem”. Haven’t heard “Pina Colada” in forever; Ruff Ryders in their hey day for real back when this dropped. “Fuck a bitch and use a sock to wipe by nut”…hahahaha, classic gutta shit.

I’m loving the balance on here. See Sheek just dropped an album but they didn’t rape it to make the mixtape: couple new tracks, some Screamixxes, and some classics…that’s a mixtape right there. Sheek actually hosted the joint and with the Dub Floyd blends it was a wrap. Like it says on the bottom of the mixtape cover: “A Silverback at his best.”