DJ DVS-1 & DJ 1Mic – Americian Gangster 2

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This is the exclusive mixtape I’ve been bumping for the last week like a fiend. Just flat out good music, like when you used to be able to rock a mixtape for a month strong and you learn every transition and shit, every drop. My east coast lyrical cats where you at? Skyzoo is hosting and you know he’s not about to hop on some bullshit.

While we’re talking about Skyzoo you gotta peep his mixtape flip of “Superstar”; that shit is fly as hell and he broke down your typical artist trappings…talk about a concept record. What do get when you put D-Block on a Pete Rock track? You get “Gangster Gangster”. Styles P said…”fuck around and make you sip some ammonia”…ill. Tell me Beans didn’t slap the shit outta “Gutted”. Some of his best bars in a minute. “Dollar store Chinesse slippers”….hahahahahaha. The punch line title of the mixtape goes to Skyzoo and his verse on “Play Your Position”. Ahhh man, the “coranor flow” is crazy. I just copped the Ghostface album, haven peeped it tho but “Yolandas House” is some crazy story telling for that ass…classic WU on that glaciers of ice type shit. I see DVS-1 and 1Mic got the future star of hip hop Big Lou on here with “Think About It”. That dude has crazy ass MIC skillz…bottom line. The only joint on here I wasn’t diggin’ was AZ and Styles P on “The Hardest Out” remix by Street Radio. Something about that beat and their flow just didn’t fit to me. It was def good to hear something new from Esso with “I Ain’t Hatin” too. I’m intersted to see what he has planed for 2008.

I don’t know what it is man, just flat out tight track placement or the sun moon and stars aligned for this project cause it stays playing in my ride. I got a gang of new CDs too but I stay bumping this. With doing as many reviews as I do and the number of mixtapes I listen too I never really get to enjoy a mixtape like I used to but this one here is bringing it back for me. I gotta thank DVS and 1Mic for dropping this; quality mixtape product thru and thru.