DJ E-V – Bitch I’m From Cleveland Vol. 2

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If you never heard Bitch I’m From Cleveland Vol. 1 slap yourself. Toooooo much talent out there to be Zzzzzzzzz on. DJs from outside of Cleveland seriously have their heads up their asses cause you’re missing out. That’s where a cat like DJ E-V comes into play and gets these artists their proper shine.

I see Kid Cudi getting that shine on. “Day N Nite” is that smoked out bounce. That means your head has to bounce and you want to light up when the hook hits. You can’t do this project without Chip Tha Ripper. “Lil Sexy Ass” is smooth while “Fresh Fly” is anthem material and Chip’s hook game is on that next level; watch out. You also couldn’t make this project without Ray Cash. His first album was criminally slept on. “It’z Me” is simple hook wise but effective. The real shit is “Wit A G”. “That ain’t kush, that’s Reggie Bush”…lol. Ray’s flow is seamless on this joint, I had to rewind a few times. As far as flippin’ samples goes. Big Keyz got a hit with “Yup Yup”. His bars were average to me but the shit is slick nonetheless. Who you know flipped “Candy Girl” so far. “Hit It” is cool as a fan, I can’t front. Twisted Mind slides thru on “One”. Shit is melodic as hell and the word play is wicked. I never got around to reviewing that Al Fatz mixtape but dude gets it in on the MIC. “I Wear” is def anthem material.

The thing I like most about Vol. 2 is the consistent sound. E-V knew exactly what he was doing putting this together. Cleveland has a distinct sound to it overall if you ask me but yet each MC stands out from the other and that’s rare. Subject matter wise shit is similar, cats is having fun, getting their brag on and I can dig it. The music is hook heavy, witty and just flat out fun so if you can’t fuck with it you might not be hip-hop…I’m just saying.