DJ E-V – Bitch! I’m From Cleveland

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Damn…DJ EV mixtape grinding like lesbians late at night with no strap on. One peep the track list and you’ll understand that the CD is all about Ray Cash, Fat Al and Chip The Ripper. If you still haven’t figured it out…they all from Cleveland. I might have to revoke your mixtape “mensa” cards if ya’ll readers get any slower. Naw but for real…mixtapes are transitioning right now. Should be interesting who steps up and who falls the fuck off. Back to Cleveland bitches!

Props to EV for the classic intro . That right there is how you set off your CD; simple and it goes with the title of the CD. I never heard of Chip The Ripper but god damn dude got some style on the MIC. “I’m Fitted ” was instant rewind track on the CD. Click the link…soak it in. There really isn’t any substance to the rhyme but that shit will have you feeling fly and bouncing. Same is true for “I Run My City”, that shit is a hit. No lie first time I heard the hook it annoyed the hell outta me but it grows on you. Now that cat Fat Al is so laid back with the flow he’s damn near asleep. “Turn Up Your Swag” is fly though, the changes in the beat hold your ear. Ray Cash shinning like a mutha fucka too people. “Get Up Off ” is classic mixtape material. Ray Cash is an MC that can take any beat and make it his own…that’s talent on the MIC. Funniest rhyme I heard in a minute was “Who Is That?”. Chip The Ripper spit “diamonds on my white tee right above the chili stain.” Not that Ray Cash shouldn’t get more mixtape love but Chip The Ripper needs to be getting a hell of a lot more mixtape love. “You Think You Fresh” complimented Fat Al’s sound the best. I mean dude is far from a lyrical gymnast but he lives within his flow and his words be bouncing with ease. “Rep My Hood” was cool but dude on here named Young Shank got the best MC name I heard in a minute. DJs get up on your Young Shank freestyles. If you looking to swing low in the ride you gots to bump “Doors Open”. Ray Cash said “might cop me a fitted / might cop me a bitch.” I’m bout to hit the mall right now and cop me a bitch too!

Bottom line is all three MCs up on here get it in. Cats ain’t trying to lyrically save the world, they having fun and its def a part of hip hop that’s lacking. The main thing about all three of these MCs is that they’re from the same city and they sound nothing alike. Content wise….their similar but Ray Cash is pulling up on 28’s giving you the streets with some hoes bringing up the rear…literally. Chip The Ripper pulling up on 10’ Dayton’s making you laugh but keeping it fresh to death and he leaving in box Chevy rolling on something in their late 20’s. Fat Al got lyrics tho and he killing the punchlines leaving in a big ass truck. As for EV he coming up and he’ll stay coming up as long as he feeds the streets like this every time out the box.