DJ E-V – DipSet City

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Fuck what ya heard, the intro to this CD is crack-a-licious. I thought I was in a movie theatre man. We dealing with some Dip Set blends, exclusives ect ect. As long as Hell Rell on and JR Writer on then we good. Where are all the blend CDs anyway? Don’t save ya shit for summer drop shit like a pigeon right now DJs. DJ E-V doing just that too. I need skills on a mixtape people other wise it’s like pissing in the wind. I don’t know what that analogy is supposed to mean but pissing into the wind isn’t fun.

“I’m The Boss” got an ill hook. That shit is catchy like the plague back in 1682. The way E V freaked “Oh What A Night” was cool as a fan, even with Cam’s extra preschool flow. Same thing with “Fly Girl/White Girl” freaking the Fly Girl joint and the shit was panned out lovely. I’m surprised no MC has actually re-done this joint and they really were talking about white girls. “Have A Cigar Pimp” got the Pink Floyd sample and they def flipped it lovely on the JR Writer beat. See that’s the shit that stands out, the god damn beats. Dip Set stays with concrete beats and E-V keeps that flowing with the remixes. Sleeper track of the CD is Hell Rell and Lil D. The organs had me picturing Rueger Rell spittin’ in church of some killah shit.

The one thing E-V does well is “produce” a hot mixtape. He’s using skills with a few cuts, def on point with the blends/remixes and he’s thinking outside the box just keeping shit interesting. I can see even a fair weather Dip Set fan diggin’ this CD. I’ve been getting some real good CDs lately man, add this one to the mix (pun). Don’t worry though people, I’m diggin’ for some murderous joints, shit just takes time. All the wack DJs are in hiding right now.