DJ E-V & DJ Pana – Balllin!

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I’m rolling down the street in a 1990 canary yellow Buick Celebrity….Ballin! Stop hatin’ on me already man, damn. Like I said in another review not to long ago, Jim Jones got white boys amped up but hey, if he speaking to them so be it. “We Fly High” is a hit no doubt and if it makes you feel good after getting $20 from ya Moms to go out on Friday night then yell it out man…BALLIN! I never heard DJ Pana before, I know E-V got skills tho. I like this cover too, although I’m still waiting for Jay Z to yell out…”eh what’s up doc?”

Truth be told the intro was type decent; cats getting creative and the shit made sense too. Dead ass real this is my first time hearing a new Diddy track, “Everything I Love”. Did Diddy just proclaim himself a “good scrapper”? Who he fighting? I wanna see that shit. Nas did alright but Diddy rhyming to me is like the teacher from The Peanuts cartoons…waah waah waah waah..waah waah. Best Jay Z track on the CD is the Kickdrums produced “Hov Is Back.” These cats can produce they ass off. Bone Thugs, Akon and Papoose on a track? That shit is like making a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich. I mean Papoose verse was tight, Bone Thugs do they thing, same with Akon but all of em together on “Forget Me” wasn’t cutting it. You know EV gotta have a remix or two and the shit with Jae Millz was crazy. In the spirit of Phillmatic, E-V flipped “In The Air Tonight” type lovely. I’m def still fucking with “What Police Can Do”. Styles P at his best with this one. Damn why AZ at the end of the CD? “I Am The Truth” is raw rhyming like no other MC right now.

Looking at the track list for this CD you would think the shit is average. Considering E-V got a nice scratch intro and he’s remixing some joints just as nicely on the project as well as actually mixing these tracks back to back it’s def cop-able. I’m not really into the fluff type joints, I mean Puff type joints, the Jay Z type joints but I understand cats is trying to move CDs. It is what it is. I’m still tripping on the cover too. Could one compare Jay Z to Bugs bunny? Hell yea! They got the same swagger. Turn that stoggie into a carrot and it’s a wrap. Th th th th that’s all folks.