DJ E-V & DJ Step One – The Weezy Effect

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The Weezy Effect is a fitting title. Lil Wayne has had a huge effect on the mixtape game. Think back to the summertime and all the “new” music he had leaked and the huge mass amounts of mixtapes that were made. His picture has to be the most used on mixtape covers this year eclipsing 50 Cents reign as the mixtape cover king. He’s had some wack mixtapes made in his name this year tho and still it has no effect on his career…that right there is The Weezy Effect.

Now don’t get me wrong Weezys had some good mixtapes this year too. The main reason I deceided to review this joint was cause it was a E-V and Step One production and I know there will be some blends/remixes/original production joints on here as well as some actual mixing. Speaking of just that, “Bottom Of The Map” with production from The Kickdrums, is that slap a ho music. The Kickdrums are still slept on in my opinion but if your up on Ray Cashs’ music you know they got that fire production. Not for nothing, Lil Wayne and Pimp C on a track is potent product too. I can’t fuck with Fat Joe anymore on the MIC. He’s all formula at this point. He went from gotta flow joe to gotta go joe…see ya. “The Crackhouse” is wack. “Shut Up Bitch Swallow” is classic Lil Wayne all the way down to the title. One thing I never take away from Wayne is his delivery and you can see why on this track. The joint “Step Back” with Freeway was cool. They both got unique voices but too much of them and you want to clean your ears with an ice pick. I’m diggin Chip The Ripper and Lil Wayne on “Get That”. DJ E-V getting his remix on here as well. On the low I’ve been fucking with Playas Circle. DJ Teknikz sent me their mixtape and although I didn’t review it I’ve been bumping it like crazy. The “Duffle Bag Boy” remix is the shit; perfect beat for Wayne to shine on. I really wasn’t fucking with “Gossip”. Cats think Wayne is lyrical but one listen to this and your like…nahhh homie. The Ray Cash feature was dope and so was “G To The End”. Other than that its your stand Wayne “all about the delivery” music.

This project right here is a perfect example of how to utilize The Weezy Effect to your advantage. We all know DJs hopped on the Weezy train to get some quick bread but E-V and Step One take it further and drop a project that gets their names in the mouths of the masses. The timing was perfect and as usual the whole package is as professional as it gets, only enhancing The Weezy Effect. They are students of the game people and when it all comes together like that its a beautiful thing.