DJ E-V & Yung Joc – Get Off Our Joc

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Yung Joc is everywhere man and he’s covering all his mixtape bases. DJ E-V is another DJ on the come up so it’s a good look and I fucks with him because he actually mixes. I like the title but I would have put some model/hoar on the cover with a joc in her mouth but hey I like to go to extremes. Will we hear a different flow from Joc on this CD? I hope the fuck we do!

That exclusive freestyle was mad short man, 19 seconds long on some phone shit. I guess you take what you can get. “Relax Take Notes” is the shit, I’ve been bumping this joint and Project Pat kills this track too. Wow Marques Houston and Yung Joc on a track, let me go throw up real quick. hahaha. “I’m Da Man” is what the people need not Marques Houston, I almost stopped listen after that shit. Rick Ross has a much improved flow on here when he not on that bullshit. “I Know You See It” is a hit, I’m not fronting on it, I don’t like it but it’s a hit. Same with “Uh Huh”, dare we say this is the summer of Joc? “Bossy” remix? I’m scratching my head right now. “Hustling” remix? I’m still scratching my head. “Nut Nuther” by Joc got a little different flow and its not as watered down as his radio hits.

I’m disappointed with this CD. E-V did what he could I suppose but I think he was limited with Joc as the main ingredient. The remixes were on point as always but the overall listen was just ok. I think I expect too much from DJs when I know they have skills yet take on a project that musically is just lacking. Not that this project isn’t cop’able it’s just not what I was expecting.