DJ E-Z Cutt – Back In Da Bay

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Welcome EZ Cutt to the review section. I remember when this cover was posted on Rapmullets message board (hot shit) and hoped to get a copy. One of the first artist I messed with coming up was Too Short and it was strictly cause he was talking real nasty and when your in middle school that’s the shit you wanna hear. Pussy, hoes’, ect plus I actually learned a thing or two about pimpin’ back then. Funny thing is Too Short when he first dropped was on some squeaky clean shit cause the studios back then wouldn’t allow him to get funky with the lyrics. He’s one of the best at it though.

Ez Cutt got a real classic style to go with some classic bay area hits. I’m no way an expert on the Bay but I know more than half the tracks on here. “I Get Around”, of course who doesn’t know and appreciate that joint. Remember the video of Pac running around that mansion and shit. I had a 3X Crazy tape but I don’t remember “Keep it On The Real”, shit is hot like fire. Man, MTV used to run the video for “Back to the Hotel”, everyday all day. This joint had mad white kids bitin’ they style around may way with the flannel shirts and straight brims pulled down. Like I said above about Too Short he spit game and “Freaky Tales” was the wheel. Me an my friends were on some, “did you hear what he said?!” type shit. I was lost after C-Bo’s “Till My Casket Drops” which was some hard shit.

Mixtape wise Ez Cutt on his game like no other. See, that’s what makes mixtapes so much better than albums or “pause tapes” for that matter; its the mixing. Even if you don’t know the song or even really digged the song there is nothing like hearing some quality mixing. Rapmullet is supposed to have a bay area representer but their MIA right now so I gotta step my BAY up. When’s part two dropping? I need more history lessons man.