DJ Eggnice – The Jay-Z Dropout

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The second classic mixtape of 2009 people is here. While everyone has been complaining about the lack of blends Egg Nice solidifies his spot in mixtape history. One of only a handful of DJs who consistently comes with a concept and skillful ass blends each and every release. This time out the box its Jay Z over Kanye’s beats and of course some Kanye too. Mos Def, Lupe and Nas make appearances but it’s Jay-Z getting the most shine.

I heard that beat drop on the intro and I immediately turned that shit up. Some of the best theme music I’ve heard this year so far. Jays version of “I Wonder” is that snap your neck off into your lap shit. I could listen to “Flashing Lights” all day, the flow is liquid…I can’t front. The vibe for “Hay Momma” is ridiculous. Jays word play with that beat is a perfect marriage. Its that mid-tempo head nod that real cats fiend for. I love how Egg Nice flipped “Can’t Knock The Hustle” for “I Try”. He gave it a whole different vibe, brought out a lil something extra from those laid back bars. He laced what I thought was gonna be the weakest blend, “Diamonds are Forever” with that versed from Mya’s song so the content fit the title. Those are the little things that separate a good DJ from a great DJ. The only remix I truly wasn’t feeling was the Jay version of “Talk About R Love”. I just flat out don’t like the “Roc Boys” vocals. Some of Jays weakest bars IMO. Those “Green Light” joints at the end were potent too. Most cats end their projects on a weak note. Not Egg Nice, he leaves you wanting more.

Where Egg Nice stays winning is knowing exactly how long to rock a remix or blend. I’d say the average remix was a minute and change. He keeps you interested just long enough and doesn’t give you a chance to get bored with a blend. Throw in the skills and timing Egg Nice possess, the ability to make old Jay Z verses sound fresh and proper visuals and you get another classic mixtape.