DJ Eggnice – Untouchable R&B 19

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What do you get when you take today’s R&B; hits and remix them over some of Hip Hops most classic sounds and break beats? Untouchable R&B; 19 man. Would I normally listen to Fergie’s “My Hump”? Hell no and big “get the fuck outta here” but…over a classic break beat most def. Props to Eggnice for keeping blend hope alive.

I’ve never been one to shy away from openly pop-lockin’ in my ride or the middle of a crowded supermarket and with this joint in the IPod I found my soundtrack. I don’t want to give away to many highlights so that it leaves most to the imagination and also when you cop the CD it’s that much better. Let me just state if you’re on that thugged out R&B; type blends over classic gangsta music this is not a CD for you. Although that “Umbrella” joint at the end is crack-like. I love blends like that but I also fuck with some high energy R&B; too. The first rewind came early for me. “Sexy Back” into “When I Hear Music” was classic. The fact Egg Nice got me listening to Fergie songs back to back to back is a testament to his skills. That’s how you hold the listeners ear people. Not only is Egg Nice giving you today’s R&B; over the breaks he finds the time to lace a verse or two from the likes of Nas, Jay Z, Jadakiss and Lil Wayne in-between shit. The shit that fucked my head was 50 Cent’s and Justin Timberlake’s “She Want’s It” being turned into an up-rock anthem. From this point on you’ll be lucky to get 60 seconds of a track cause the shit is kept moving lovely like a true mixtape veteran.

Dead as real the first half of the CD might get lost on some cats just with the breaks. I mean if you ain’t ever dug for records before or at least have some working knowledge of early Hip Hop you might sleep. On the flip side if you’re busting head spins, windmills on the regular or like me as a part time pop lockin’ fool, this is the must have CD of the year for you. The second half of the CD will def satisfy the regular “new school” blend heads. Regardless tho Egg Nice putting in work like a fucking beast. A mixtape like this isn’t pulled off in one night with a bunch of mp3’s ya dig? You got to know your music, you got know what sounds good and you got to have the skill to pull it all together and that’s exactly what Egg Nice did on #19.