DJ Eggnice – Weezy F. Blendz

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I don’t like Lil Wayne as an MC and it has noting to do with the “fuck mixtape DJs” statement either. I just don’t think he’s worth the hype…lyrically, swag (I hate that term), content ect. I recognize his work ethic tho and can appreciate it but musically I’d rather clip my toe nails. BUT, when it comes to Weezy blendz I can at least listen and stomach some of the music.

It doesn’t come from the fact that the music has changed dramatically either. I mean Eggnice def changed shit around and made it sound fresh to me but it’s the DJ skills that really keep me listening. Fuck a Lil Wayne highlight on here. The highlights are strictly Eggnice skills. The fact he can take “Stuntin Like My Daddy” and flip it three different ways on the same mixtape using the same title at different times throughout the project and you’re not mad at him for doing it. That’s skill. That’s a dope ear for music. When you can take the same verse’s and flip them all differently on the same project and every one is fresh like mentos. If I had to pick one blend as the shit it would be “9MM”. There’s your one highlight.

He also flipped “I’m a D Boy” and “Lollipop” twice too. Any other DJ with any other project and you’d be a murder of the month candidate but not Eggnice. The skills are potent, can’t front I love me some cuts and not only just cuts…cuts that are actually on beat. The skills Eggnice display are bangin’, Weezy not so much but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the project for what it is.