DJ Elev8 & DJ Lennox – Mixtape Phenoms Pt. 3 (Hosted by Kayslay)

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Before you read this review I want you to reminisce. Scroll down and read the reviews for “MIXTAPE PHENOMS 1 & 2”. Don’t just skim the surface. I actually want you to read the reviews and make a mental note of the characteristics I pointed out in each release.

LENNOX and ELEV8 are making a mark in NY and that is difficult to do even when you reside here. The “MIXTAPE PHENOMS” have been consistent readers of RAPMULLET and have humbly accepted criticism; advice and ratings that they felt at times weren’t deserved. DJ LENNOX has had no problem contacting me to let me know he thought he deserved a better rating for his solo release and we joked that he should become a critic himself. It has been a pleasure to watch these guys evolve. I wish all of our DJ’s in the game could do as they’ve done! We have enough politicians; it’s time for our mixtape personalities to be DJ’s. “MIXTAPE PHENOMS PT. 3” is the culmination of years of hard work. It is proof that these guys have the skill that many don’t possess in this business.

As you all know, I’m not an advocate of having host on a CD. However, I understand why they choose to have KAY SLAY host their latest release. You want to be a big dog; you have to run with the big dogs. When it comes to running your mouth aka “BIG MIKE DISEASE”, there is none better than KAY SLAY. Surprisingly, they managed to keep SLAY from going overboard. This is about music, so let’s talk about it. DJ LENNOX got the hint that you can’t continue to use an intro, regardless of how hot it is! So he stepped the game up and I was truly impressed. Time after time, I’ve told you that I’m not going to review an entire track list and I refuse to do it now. LENNOX finally put together a superior list and it isn’t anchored by exclusives. I love that! “THE GREATEST PART PT. 2” featuring BIG L , BIGGIE, and 2PAC is actually better than “99 PROBLEMS”. Another gem is “WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS (LENNOX REMIX)” featuring JAY Z, BIGGIE and BOO MONROE. DJ ELEV8 used his section to pay homage to BIG L. That wasn’t the only highlight, but it was definitely a major factor. If you live HIP-HOP, you have to love that part of “MIXTAPE PHENOMS PT. 3”. HARLEM stand up! JAE MILLZ has them saying “NO, NO, NO”, but the remix that ELEV8 puts on will have true fans screaming yes!

LENNOX phoned me and said that he didn’t want me to review this one, because he didn’t think it was his best work. However, he wanted me to hear DJ ELEV8’S section. That kind of selflessness is rare in this game. You are truly partners. Take heed at what happened to TAPEMASTERS INC., I wouldn’t want to see greed blind you guys as well. It has been a long road, welcome to THE HALL of FAME!