DJ Envy – Codeine Overdose Vol 5

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First off just let me say…fuck Atlantic Records. Now that that’s out the way what do you think DJ Envy is bringing to the table in 2009? I wonder if Envy even puts these together himself now. I’m sure there’s plenty of underlings who have plenty of time to put tracks together…cut…paste…pause. Repeat.

It is what it is. I mean Envy never was known for his skills. (chuckles) It was about that new, with a little bit of breaking new artist for Envy. Give him his due people, he most def put in that work. Why he still drops mixtapes is beyond me tho. Nothing really ground breaking here. Some south tracks, a couple exclusives…well they were a week or so ago anyway. You’re talking T.I., Gucci, Wayne…(yawns). Has anyone else noticed the production from the south is falling the fuck off. Cats flipping the same synth sound over and over. Sometimes a lil slower, sometimes a lil faster but that shit is the same. Wayne all but shit on “Let’s Chill”. Way to ruin a classic slow jam. The youngin’s probably think that shit is original too. I fuck with B.o.B on “I Am The Man”. That’s a southern MC with some real talent. As much as I don’t want to admit it “Becky” is a hit. Fuck Plies tho, phony ass dude.

Envy to me was more personality on mixtapes then anything else. That’s cool and all but there’s nothing special about this one. The funny thing is his camp knows it, they just giving the people what they want supposedly. This shit gotta be boring as hell to make tho, might even be a pain in the ass too. Welcome to the mixtape game circa 2009. lol Did I mention: fuck Atlantic Records?