DJ Fade – Allstar Blends : Hard 2 Earn

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I’m telling ya’ll, cats are stepping up their hustle in 2007. DVDs make money…bottom line. There not as easily ripped and uploaded to the net as your average mixtape. Having a foundation built right now as well as distribution outlet for the projects is sooooooo important. Cats are head and shoulders above the rest as far as hustle goes right now. We all know DJ Fade can blend, but can he bring that consistent hottness into the DVD game…we shall see.

The intro to this DVD is the shit. Fade used the best part of the movie Belly to set it off and it’s a fucking classic! “Back To Life” is the shit and when the actual video comes on I was open but then Fade brings in “Look What My Eyes Could See” and murdered that shit…in a good way. “Shoulder Lean” got an upgrade beat wise on some thug shit. On the flip side tho, I can’t fuck with “Country Grammer”…no matter what beat you put behind that shit. I was expecting more from the “Dwyk” blend. That “Simon Says” beat murked the energy the original has, shit was dragging man, had to FF that shit. Fade came back strong with “You” b/w “Scenario”…that shit is ride out music right there. The smooth shit was “1,2 Step” b/w “Because Of You”…gotta get the ladies involved in the mix too…good shit. The smoothness continues with “Lost Without You” b/w “Let Me Love You”. Robin Thicke is a big white pimp. lol Fade on the cut was tight too. I’ve heard a lot of blends for “In The Air Tonight” but never a video blend of that shit. Fade had Crockett and Tubbs up in that shit too…classic Miami Vice with Mark The 45 King on the beat and Dre’s “Deep Cover” on some beat on beat blend shit…crazy. I was fucking with that Beenie Man blend over “It’s Me Bitches”, shit was type fly. In the Hard to Earn section , Papoose and Cavlar did they thing with “Riot Music” but the classic was Remo Da Rapstar with “Just Say No”…that’s a straight classic all around.

I give Fade credit man, he’s got a well balance product plus I’ve seen cats bumpin’ this in the weed spot the other day. If I had TVs in my ride I would be bumpin’ it too. I think we might have to get a re-remix of that “Dwyk” blend tho. lol Other than that this joint is cool as a fan and filling the void in the blend game right now.