DJ Fade & DJ Fiesta – Straight Sex, No Games

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I was pleasantly surprised to get this CD in the mail. With slow jams and blend/remixes how can you go wrong? Very rarely do DJs pull off a proper slow jam CD. There is either talking, which is a no no or a drop that is so out of place it’s like wearing a white hooded sheet to the club. I know Fade got skills but I was surprised to find out the one and only Kenny Fiesta does too. Cats are double and triple threats in the mixtape game and don’t even really talk about it, I like that though, letting the work speak for itself.

In case you haven’t seen the tracklist (click the cover) DJ Fade jumps the CD off with all blends/remixes. If you thinking finding slow jam tracks to blend is easy think again. What I like about Fades section is he doesn’t necessarily use slow jams but finds a way to take a mid tempo beat and flip an acapella to come off real smooth and sexy. Yea that’s right I used the word sexy, we’ll call them “sexy blends”. All the blends were tight but the standouts were “Freak Like Me”, courtesy of Adina Howard b/w “Bad Girl”. The blend was probably the most up-tempo joint but it worked lovely. Do ya’ll remember Tony Thompson? Wow, that’s diggin’ right there. Fade blended that shit over “Only You” and when the chorus hit I thought for sure the shit was gonna fall off but it was proper. Shit wasn’t all gravy though, “Downtown” b/w “Yes You May” just didn’t work for me and should have been left on the cutting room floor. True to form Fade redeems himself with “Love Like This” blend, just click the link and you’ll see what I mean taking a mid tempo track and making it sexy.

Now for Kenny Fiesta’s section he came with the classics, something most slow jam CDs today fail to utilize. Peep the track list again and you know what it is, “Love You Down” to “Bump N Grind” to “Knocking The Boots” was smooth man. Mr. Fiesta getting his mixing on proper like and the timing was impeccable. I like the fact he came with some Chico Debarge, who usually gets overlooked as well as Jon B. The shit that got me buggin’ was “Your Love Is A 187”. I haven’t heard this is forever, straight classic. My favorite part though was “Feelin’ On Your Booty” thru “My Body”. Damn man Aaliyah is missed people. I had to give Kenny props for Sade at the end too, there are quite a few Sade classics he could of used but “No Ordinary Love” fit well.

This CD is hitting at the right time. See DJs need to peep what other cats are dropping and head in the opposite direction. It would have been cool if they could have mixed the classic in-between the blends but I’ll take what I can get. That cover is crazy too, anytime women are touching each other, especially on the ass you have to cop it. Seriously though, props to Fade and Fiesta for hitting us in the head with a bangin CD and doing them while everyone else does what the next man is doing.