DJ Fade – R&B Situations Vol. 2 : Best Of Mary J. Blige

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Aight man, fuck that. Let’s put our cards on the table. Who here does not fuck with MJB? For you slow cats that’s Mary J. Blige. I mean god damn, that woman has classics for days. The self titled album is my favorite hands down but every album she does has jewels on it. Plus she’s the ghetto girl that you always wanted to wife and she’s the woman these broads wanna be. It ain’t rocket science, it’s music and good music at that. Fade is back. I know he wasn’t gonna let that 2 1/2 tape exclusive review slide. He sent this package with a quickness. As usual the skills is on point and righteously so.

The “My Love” Fade remix sets the tone. He flips “Mr. Me Too” as the back drop, which was tight but it’s just to let you know you about to hear some shit. I was def diggin’ the fact Fade went with the seldom used Greg Nice assisted remix of “You Remind Me”. “Yo Puff, that’s that knock right there boy!” Who remembers Mary saying that at the beginning? Who remembers Greg Nice rhyming “skidly wah wah pepi le pew”. Hahahaha classic. I know for a fact you all remember the beginning to the “Real Love” remix. I remember Dimez cutting that shit up in the club like he just banged out a couple lines of coke and couldn’t let the shit go. “Look up in the sky its a bird its a plane…” Fade lays down some shit with the “Be Happy” remix. Let’s just say Das Effects lends a hand and makes the track go “bum stickity bum”. Fade actual flips three beats on this joint. My favorite shit tho gotta be the “411 Remix” with Biggie. Mary J was getting it in with rhyming too. I know, I know everybody fucks with the “I Love You” remix with Smif-N-Wesson. Shit I ain’t no different, track is crack like that.

Straight up every Fade blend/remix was tight. Don’t front on Fade people he got skills and he got a good ear. Is this truly a best of Mary J? Hey to each his own. Me personally I would’ve use some other tracks here an there but Fade covered his bases from old to new tracks. I will def give Fade credit for making “Rainy Dayz” a good listen cause I hate that song. Fucking Ja Rule man, sung himself right out the game. Bottom line the CD bangs. Get at Fade people and stop sleeping-