DJ Fade – R&B Situations Vol. 3

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When I saw the cover to this CD I knew right away I was in for something special. Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys both are extreme talents in their own rights but together…..I mean its a potent combination. Lauryn’s recent music was def no where near what see was doing before and like 50 Cent said she released an album that had no beats. Alicia on the other hand has been able to keep churning out hit after hit of the realness. Peep her on that Cham remix and you know what I mean.

DJ Fade went all out people. A three beat blend behind “You Don’t Know My Name ” to set the mood of the CD. I mean click the link and you can hear what I’m talking about. Fade takes what used to be a lovely song and has you creeping through the hood skied up. “Ready Or Not” is one of those songs that you can just play year after year, especially the intro to the song. I was thoroughly impressed that Fade pulled out the Mahogany Mix of “Sweetest Thing”. This was Harry at his best and if I’m not mistaken is off the double CD Hang ‘Em High”. Who here can remember “If I Ruled The World” getting mad mad video play on MTV? Fade drops a lil “T.R.O.Y” behind it too. For some reason I don’t remember hearing the Flipmode “Fallin” remix. That shit is fire tho, Rampage got skills. For those of you who never got hear the Kanye West sampled version of Lauryn on “On Falls Down” cop the CD just for that rare jewel. I wasn’t really diggin’ Christina Aguilera on “Impossible” but Fade ended the CD with class using “Turn Your Lights Down Low”.

This is what I mean when you have a balance in your mixtapes; and Fade pulled it off with some R&B; type shit too. Show a little skill and showcase each artist strengths. Cop’n this CD is easy if you’re a fan of these two women; almost a no brainer. I see Fade is carving his niche even more so as the months go on; probably one of the most slept on mixtape DJs out right now considering the concepts and the skills. You other mixtape DJs def don’t want to battle this man on the 1 & 2’s.