DJ Fade – Straight Sex Pt. 2

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I think I have an anger problem. This person in the grocery store parking lot parked so close to my ride I couldn’t even walk down the aisle of the parking space and had to crawl over my center consoule to drive out the parking spot. I got so pissed that I kicked in the back door of the car and the worst park was I had my daughter with me…def not setting the best example. I had to pop in this CD to try and mellow out and truth be told it worked.

How many of ya’ll miss Aaliyah? It’s crazy when I hear “At Your Best”, her voice is just so smooth and calming on this track. I can’t say I’m a big Jagged Edge fan though, “I Promise” is kind of bland in my opinion. Personally I don’t know a person who doesn’t fuck with a Keith Sweat song. “Nobody” is that shit…”and the band keeps playing on…” Dead ass real, if memory serves me correctly, my daughter was conceived to this song cause I used to run this joint all the time. “Twisted” was lil to uptempo for me on here but it was a nice transition into “Mary’s Joint” I’ll give Fade that. If you listen real close peep the drum track on here and see if you can tell what the original is from…classic break. It’s damn good to hear Lauryn Hill too. “Ex-factor” is deep and it’s classic…that raw emotion throughout; I can dig it. I’m not really a Jaheim fan either but “Put That Woman First” is cool as a fan…cats stay using those classic breaks. I don’t think you can make a slow jam CD without Genuwine (Difference) and Jon B (They Don’t Know)…where is Jon B at anyway? “Freak Me” is that cliche’ slow jam track…I’m not licking any broad up and down. I’ve done my fair share of freaky shit but you will never catch me sucking a woman’s toes….nasty.

DJ Fade was actually working the “fade” type lovely on here. He’s a DJ who “gets” it when it comes to making a slow jam mixtape. No extra loud drops or errant mixing, just a proper fade to each and every track to keep you in that groove. All you one pump chumps out there need not bother cop’n this mixtape, go get yourself a sex improvement DVD or some shit…this mixtape is only for the real.