DJ Flaco – Summertyme Stick-Up 4 & 4.5

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Let’s give a warm welcome to DJ Flaco everyone. Hustle Squad DJs in the building, see I even spelled it right unlike those magazine pre-views ya’ll cats clamor over. I’ve seen Flaco’s CDs on the net here an there but never had the pleasure of listening till now. Damn if that isn’t a classic title for a mixtape. You know all you really want in a summer time mixtape is some well mixed feel good tracks old or new it doesn’t matter. At the same time there is never a better opportunity to stick someone up than the summer time. Think about it, posted up at the beach next to a ATM…hmmm I’ll be right back.

Damn near every radio joint thats popped off in the last couple months and then some. I’m not gonna bore you with mad highlights of tracks you can hear on the radio at any given time but I will tell you that Flaco did throw in some of his own remixes and he’s a got a good ear for what works. The “Call On Me” joint works well, a little Lil Jon never hurt no one. The “Girl” blend…not so much, the “Goin’ Down” beat got to me after a while. My daughter for some reason is diggin’ “U And That..”, especially E-40’s part. Should E-40 fans be worried that a six year old girl can rhyme his shit word for word?

On to Part 4.5…aka the second CD. Who’s feeling JT on “Sexyback”? Personally I think Robin Thicke would eat JT alive, well maybe not in a dance contest. lol I don’t give a fuck, “Wanna Love You Girl” is my shit. I bump the Mick Boogie version with the Pusha T verse but regardless this song is crazy as cat shit. Now on the flipside of things is “Freeze” with LL Cool J. I’d rather hear fat chics taking a shit than this track. Rick Ross and Trina with “Fuck Wit Ur Shoes On” was interesting. The shit that got me rollin’ was Diddy rhyming with Danity Kane. I can’t believe I actualy wrote out their name, wow.

The first CD is def better than the second. Too many hits on the first jump off. I gotta tell you I was on the fence between 2.5 and 3 tapes. I mean DJ Flaco put in work, every track is mixed into the next and it’s done well, can’t front on that. I’m getting to the point where I EXPECT certain DJs to mix they shit or show some skill and if they don’t I’m calling you out. I can def add Flaco to that list from now on. The good thing about these CDs is you don’t need to cop another R&B; CD for a couple months, props to Flaco for wraping up the end summer proper like.