DJ Fur.e – Clash of the Islands

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It’s time for some Fur.e mixes people. I’ve never heard him get down on some reggae/reggaeton shit but I know he can mix. He went 42 tracks deep on this one. Ladies pack an extra thong and some baby powder, you don’t want to be sweaty and smelly at the same time.

Yung Joc with “It’s Going Down” was made to flow on some reggae beats, this could possibly set a club on fire. “Bus Up Ya Steel” is one of the few Elephant Man tracks I really like ad it flows into “Do it, Do it” like butta! Obie Trice could have possible had a hit with “Jamaican Girl” but that shit is slowly creeping down the BDS charts like the plauge. Fur.e killing the skills on “Lo Mate”. On the low I’m bumping “I LIke The Way” with Pitbull, that shit is catchy like the clap. Clipse and Vybez Kartel getting busy on a laid thump with “Double Down”. I think I’ve heard 2477 remixes of “Me and U” but still Fur.e made the shit more danceable for masses. “Dutty Wine” got chics going crazy. They got Dutty Wine contests and shit, def entertaining and that beat is so crazy you could spit anything over it and it would sound good. It may not be brand spanking new but “Break It Off” still got the clubs ear. I seen a chic take her pants off in the club and get busy with just the thong for about 5 minutes before they made her put her clothes back on. And you wonder why I talk about sweaty thongs all the time.?

Fur.e got a good ear man and anytime your mixing back to back with skill from begginning to end you can’t go wrong. Am I bumping this in my ride right now? NO, but I did pass the CD to my “now and later” bitch who will def be giving me a late night nude dutty wine show real soon.