DJ Fur.e – Immortality – Big Punisher

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This CD hits at the right time for me. After a while you get tired of listening to bullshit new tracks and you need to be reminded of greatness. Pun was one of the best MCs to ever do it, bar for bar. I know he is missed in the game and would have made a run at the greatest of all time if he was still alive. We haven’t heard from DJ Fur.e in a minute, good to see you back at it though man.

“You ain’t a killer/ you still learning how to walk”, the way Fur. e sets this remix off is something special. The Pun skit he used flows right into the murderous, crawling beat used to remix the track was next level and then to end it with that skit was comedy, I didn’t know what to expect. “Toe To Toe” was that lung crushin’ shit Pun is known for and the beat was concrete. The Funk Flex interview thing was hilarious, peep it and get a good laugh. The “Twinz 2006” joint was like catching a baseball bat to the head, shit was a home run on the remix tip. I think an actual Big Pun and Biggie track would have been ill. I like “Get Your Grind On” but I think the vibe with both of them in studio would have been some crazy shit.

DJ Fur.e is a little slept on man. He’s got a tight formula though with this CD; classics and remixes. If you’re a Pun fan this is one for the collection, add this to that DJ Roz and the J Love Pun CDs you already have. I wasn’t diggin’ every remix but the potential for Fur.e is there man, he just needs to drop more and the people will start to recognize the skills.