DJ Fur.e – Retox

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Shout to DJ Fur.e still doing his thing. I see he’s a mixtape DJ who while every other DJ is going right he goes left…I can dig it homie. I can’t say I’ve been to excited about Dre’s Detox…I mean it was supposed to drop years ago. Maybe this project will get peoples interest back up and for you half retarted cats this mixtape right here is gonna feature all Dre tracks or Dre produced tracks with some skills and blends mixed in for good measure…I already know how Fur.e does with it.

The last 30 seconds of that intro was serious business; def diggin’ the echo skills. “Ain’t Nothing But A G Thang” brings me back man. All the way to 1993 when I had the white Plymouth Horizon sitting on stock 14’s and a boom box in the back seat, rocking the red and black flannel with the matching Georgia Bull Dawgs hat…I wish I had pictures. “Keep Ya Head Ringin” brought me back to a few years after that when I was rockin’ the full length maroon Rebook coat until I saw a CHIC rocking the same shit at a baskettball game…I was shamed for after that one. See that’s the thing about the classics man, not that “Keep ya Head Ringin” is a classic, but that’s what the music is supposed to do…bring you back to a time when you first heard a song or a time when that shit was religion. “Still Dre” reminds me when Dimez moved back to NYC and I was helping him pack up the U-Haul truck…cold as hell outside. I was never a huge Eminem fan but Dre laced that dude with some fire production. Fur.e killing the doubles of “Dre Day”, you gotta appreciate a DJ with skill sometimes man. The song I can’t stand of Snoops is “What’s My Name”. Ahh man MTV ran this video into the ground and buried it for me back in the day. “Bad Intentions” is my joint…that laid back pied pipper type shit; one of my favorite Dre beats. I haven’t heard “Welcome To D-Block” in a minute…Eminem and D-Block was type decent…that beat will have you crawling the walls. It’s def true that people said…Eminem did kinda outshine Jay Z bar for bar on “Renegade”.

What I really like about this project besides the skills is the timing of it. I mean right now this is a welcome listen compared to whats been hitting the streets. The crazy thing is Fur.e has some of the best transitions in the mixtape game today. I think that’s why I could bang this straight through without the hitting the ff button considering it’s all classics and shit…Fur’e was able to keep everything sounding fresh.