DJ Furious Styles & DJ Dub – SHINE “The Mixtape”

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Welcome DJ Furious Styles to people. He brought DJ Dub along for the ride, welcome back Dub…it’s been a minute. There aren’t many DJs carrying the unsigned artist flag these days but Furious Styles is out there like Mel Gibson in Braveheart getting the masses all riled up for some new shit. For those not in the know, Furious Styles has the radio show on XM callled….what elese but “SHINE”. He’s bringing light to all those slept on MCs, all those rare jewels dropped by artist that don’t usually get that (say it with me now).. “SHINE”. Can you dig it? I knew you could.

The project is co-hosted by Tracey Lee. Yup that’s right, the same Tracey Lee that set it off with “Party Time” for those heads that had the most fortunate opportunity to live mid 90’s Hip Hop. Tracey Lee is a lawyer now so props to that man and the fact he dropped a few jewels throughout the CD for ya’ll “Come Up” MCs. I’m only given ya’ll the highlights that caught my ear for real, so if you’re on this CD and you didn’t get mentioned….well you can figure it out. “Bust My Gun” is Dramills at his finnest; ain’t no bullshit going on with that man on the MIC. Hathaway did his thing with “In The Ghetto”; giving ya’ll that music to touch and feel. The most original “sound” award goes to Tabi Booney with “The Pocket”. Yo, that hook got me open, I can’t even front. I mean dude can rhyme, he got a sense of humor and he got that lil story telling element to his shit. I fuck with Jokaman but I wasn’t really diggin’ the beat for “G’ed Up”. You still can’t help but hear that raw emotion in his delivery. Guilty by Association got that ill ass word play on “Sky’s The Limit”; plus they bringing that real lif music. Spot oozes that N-Y style for days and you can hear hunger in dudes voice too. On some real shit, Geolani got one of the most well rounded tracks on the whole CD with “She Is Music.”; from the beat to the concept to the vibe of the track. That dude Riddles got the best flow on the CD with “Temperatures Rising”. That vocal sample was cool but dude got the confidence of a vet on the MIC, that flow was flawless. The MC most likely to catch a body gotta be GED with “My Block”; def on of the hardest (no gaylord) MCs on the CD. Ok you wanna know who the sleeper MC is? That title goes to Bino with “All Day”. Ain’t nothing like some husltin’ music and Bino paints that vivid picture.

Whether it’s on the radio or on this here mixtape, Dub and Furious Styles giving MCs that proper SHINE. There’s is more than enough talent and potential on this CD to last for a minute. Shit wouldn’t be proper without giving ya’ll some websites links and that contact info. You wanna peep the radio show… You want that contact email… Catch the nations largest unsigned radio show on XM 66 Raw, every Thursday 9 am to 10 am and Friday 12 am to 1am. Props to Furious Styles & Dub for supporting good music.