DJ Furious Styles & DJ Dub – Shine

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Hey look people! There are some DJs who are trying to break new artist. It’s not an easy road to travel but its a hell of a lot better than playing (pick one) Dipset or G-Unit every single time you drop a mixtape…over and over regardless if the music is good so long as it’s “new”. Props to Furious Styles for taking that road less traveled and props to DJ Dub for ridin’ big along with him. Shine is what every MC is looking for these days. Shine on the radio, shine on a mixtape, shine on a website, shine in the Mom & Pop store…just shine. Let’s see who’s truly shining on this here CD.

It’s a double CD so there’s a lot of MCs to go through and I plan on keeping it short cause a mixtape review doesn’t require a novel to be written. We are fucking with “Alpha Disc 1” to start. The first MC to catch my ear with an overall polished sound is Skyzoo on “Get It Done”. The delivery is one of the best in the game. Al Gator def gets it in on “Get Wit It” but with Too Short on the track you can’t go wrong. “What You Need” is Boule music…that street shit with a message; look for Dramills to do big things. Diego along side GLC with “Emblem On The Hood” got that catchy hook feel good music vibe. I really don’t know how Monnority got a spot on this CD. Was he chasing that beat or is it just me? Dude gots no bars. Money has a unique sound and catchy ass song with “Push Ups”. Everything else after this was cool but nothing that really stood out to me.

“Beta Disc 2” is up next. I hear my favorite producer Swizz Beats is holding down this disc. One MC I think cats overlook is Tab Bonney. That “Pocket” joint he had out before was dope and “Top” was def on that level. I can dig the story telling aspect of the song. AP went in on “I Wish”. I had to rewind this one, def anthem potential. Esso getting his Rap & Bullshit on along side Megan Demagnus with “Meant To Be”. I’m telling yall Esso bout ready to blow the fuck up. SK impressed with “Ghetto Riot” but that hook needs work. I like what Greed was doing on “My Fitted”, one of the only cats on this disc to come with a viable song that could make some noise. The worst hook tho goes to Rah with “Who’s the Boss”. I had to laugh, because dude was decent on the verse flow wise but his choice of words to flip, especially on the hook were weak and I quote: “Rah something like Charles In Charge”. Hahaha, he should have gotten Scott Baio to sing the hook…I heard he’s available for features.

Like I said above I commend Furious Styles and Dub for this mixtape series and the show on XM. There is a whole lot of MC in the world today trying to get some shine. It’s always hard pushing a double CD tho. It allows for more MCs to be heard but it also allows for more average material to bog down the cats that are truly shining. Either way cats got “Shine” and that’s a lot more than 3/4 of the mixtape DJs out right now have done in their whole short lived “career” or unsigned MCs.