DJ G-Spot – Blends Done My Way

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There’s only one way to do blends and it’s your own damn way. I would never encourage biting any style or blend but if there is one DJ to pattern your career after its most def G Spot. From the clubs, to the radio to the mixtapes…every basis covered while respected around the country. Be thankful DJs like G Spot laid down the blueprint.

We all know 50 Cent get’s money and G Spots blend added a somber twist to an infectious track. I hate that Akon beat with passion of a thousand suns, no offence to Mr. Sparks who produced it, but let’s be real that song is annoying as fuck. The flip side tho is that the joint “When I Hustle” is wack as fuck but the beat for the blend is the shit. Huey couldn’t shit out another hit after drinking a keg full of Fiber-con. A bay bay? Naw man but the blend was decent for the most annoying radio track on the airwaves right now. “Pimp Hard” was a lil lackluster, I applude the effort going with and 8Ball/MJG track tho. Shit heated up on “The Way I Are” once G Spot upped the BPMs. I wouldn’t be caught listening to the original but the blend will suffice in the ride true highway style. “Watch My Feet” was the best blend on the whole CD. If you don’t get even a minor two step going off this your probably a corpse. Same for that “Get Me Out Of Jail” shit too. Petey Pablo def needed this remixed. “Haters” is my shit on the low. G Spot did it justice too. Damn that Kia Shine remix for “So Krispy” is long as hell. LL did his thing like a champ.

The project is cool. I had in the ride for a few days, gave it some burn. I’m more of a fan of the R&B over that murda music but the house blends were doing it for me. In a day and age where everyone is following the next man I’ll take a mixtape done against the grain anytime.