DJ G Spot – Carry The Torch: Termanology & Joell Ortiz

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The most consisteint mixtape DJ of 2008 so far and you don’t get to hear how many live parties he does too. The epitome of a successful DJ…pay homage people. Term is def carrying the torch. So is Joell, although he’s had some bumps in the road along the way. Consistently good music wins everytime. It’s that same shit I’ve been preaching to you since 2003.

“This Is How We Rock”…is that two turntables plugged into a light post music. How many MCs doing that type of music these days? Not many, hence the fact he’s on a mixtape called “Carrying The Torch”. “The Machine” is a slept on track. I got smoked out before I first heard this and left it on repeat, next thing I new it was an hour later…true story. That’s how I know Termanology got next, his music holds your ear. Shout to Easy $ too. I did the same shit when Dan Green sent over “Talking To God”, thing is I wasn’t smoked out and I still listened for over an hour.

“Letter To Obama” is Joell’s best track this year. He paints the illest picture. You know what song it is when you hear “do me a favor? accidentaly step on your white sunglasses”. lol I love that song and if you’re an east coast overdoser like myself you do too. Joell summed up a whole generations come up with Hip Hop and how we miss that shit. “Memories” is my shit too tho. He said “you dudes is Greg Ostertag”…classic. “Buss It Baby” is that mixtape music and a lesson in how to own another MCs beat.

You either bump this mixtape religiously or you don’t. There is no in between. Regardless if you do or don’t that lyrical torch is getting carried and moving forward. Question for you to ponder? If Joell and Termanology dropped or started their rise in hip hop in say 1993, ’94, or ’95 do you think they would be talked about with the Jay’s, Nas’ and Puns’?