DJ G Spot – Cross Colors

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When I saw this CDs track list I was amped up, I can’t even lie. I’m far from an “old head” but I’ve always been a big fan of music since fifth grade…which was around 1986. A lot of these tracks are “pop” music but what you gotta understand is back then it was all about radio. My pops was a “soul” music head so I got the soul from his music collection but I got the pop influence from the radio living in the burbs of New England listening to the radio every morning before school. This is feel good music for those that can actually remember hearing these tracks when they first came out. New jacks need not read any further. It is what it is so keep it moving to some pop rap while the rest of us move on with the this review.

I can’t remember ever seeing Bananarama on a mixtape tracklist. “Cruel Summer” got the ill zylaphone sound in it tho, whoever was playing that shit was breaking wild. Peep the bass line in that shit too, its catchy man….you can’t deny it. If you ever get the pleasure of meeting Dimez in person ask him to do his Billy Ocean impression of “Caribbean Queen”. That shit will have you rolling but then again it could of been the weed making that shit funny. I was blasting this joint in my IPod at work and when “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” drops it got me looking crazy but fuck it that song was the shit and if you remember Captain Lou Albano was in the video playing her pops and shit. “Electric Avenue”? Hell yea Eddie Grant with a classic one hit wonder. (steel drums play in the back round)… “To the beat of the rhythm of the night/ dance until the morning light/ forget about the worries on your mind…” Shit is funny man, you don’t listen to a song for years and when it drops you automatically know the words. My favorite track of this whole CD is George Benson with “Give Me The Night “. I don’t know who was playing the bass on this song but they killed it. Yo, peep that bass line and tell me they didn’t freak it. This track is all Studio 54, coke all over the tables, people having sex everywhere high as fuck. With out question the band who recorded this track was on some next level shit. I need this as an instrumental. lol Don’t let this track come on and I’m drunk at a party….shiiiiiiiit. I was going into eighth grade when INXS was killing shit. “I Need You Tonight ” was all over MTV, constantly. That guitar riff in the song is classic. If you want to bring it back about some bass lines just peep “Cutie Pie”. Oh shit….that joint been sampled to death. You could call it a west coast staple. You def can’t front on “Forget Me Nots ” and “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung. Now that shit was 80’s elctro funk at its finest. The sleeper track? Can their really be one? Sure…”You Spin Me”. That shit was a one hit wonder too but the hook is infectious.

Big huge props to G Spot for actually mixing every single track into the next. That’s how you now G Spot is truly a DJ; not only mixing with precision but having the ear to match up classic funk/soul joints with keytar playing 80’s euro pop joints. I mean Cameo to Cyndi Lauper to Eddie Grant to Debarge to Inxs and back to Keith Sweat? Get the fuck outta here, give G Spot his props. Ain’t no more to it people.