DJ G Spot – Inspired By The South 11

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What the fuck is going on in Cleveland Ohio people? You got G Spot dropping mixtape after mixtape going head to head with Mick Boogie. All the while Cleveland DJs running the game on the low and ya’ll didn’t even see it till it was too late. I give G Spot all the credit in the world with his grind. He’s gotta be one of the hardest working mixtape cats and probably the most well rounded. That consists of dropping joints like this CD right here continuing the Inspired By The South Series as well as breaking new artist with the Talent Finder Series. It’s like this; some mixtape DJs talk shit and make it seem like they doing it big and some DJs don’t say a word and actual are doing it big. Have you heard from G Spot talking lately? Me either. Let’s see what’s good on this installment.

We def some east coast cats over here at Rapmullet but we fucks with the south and we def fucks with Project Pat. Like someone on the Rapmullet message board said not too long ago about MCs: “either you got it or you don’t”. Project Pat got IT. “Tell” with Jeezy is an anthem in more ways than one. Plus that hook makes this shit a hit. Lil Keke just ate Juelz Santana alive with “On What We On”. The sleeper of the south right now is Lil Scrappy. Well, he ain’t really a sleeper anymore with the tracks he got in rotation right now. “Work” is cool, def not a hit record tho. Like Dimez said in one of his reviews, a prominent mixtape DJ called us haters and I can only agree when it comes to Jibbs. “King Kong” don’t do nothing for me. Jibbs as an MC needs to get his assed kicked, go back to selling weed man. If you ain’t up on Pheonix Jones you sleeping, he’s one of Clevelands finest MCs. Peep “Ridin’ High” and you’ll know why. Shit…the best track on the CD was Talib Kweli and UKG on “Country Cuzins”. The vibe of this track is the shit and you got some lyrics to fuck with too. Honestly I wasn’t diggin’ “Look At Me”. Besides Bun B the shit sounded amatuer-ish. I’m still trying to figure out why Gillie Da Kid is on this CD, “In My Neighborhood” got the chopped hook I guess. (shrugs) The fack Gucci Man is still making records is amazing to me. You couldn’t pay me enough to fuck with dudes music. “Stick Em” would have sounded better with a feature from the Fat Boys. The instant rewind material is the “Googly Moogly” remix. Project Pat is a genius. Bring that shit back already.

G Spot stay dropping that shit. This joint right here is def cop-able and Project Pat is big feature. Musically as a whole, in any region shit is a lil sparse. I def don’t fuck with the gimmicky type tracks. (clears throat…Jibbs) Me personally I tend to be type hard (no gaylord) on the DJs I think are running shit. I expect classic shit man, which is rare but I know G Spot got classics in him. The main thing that seperates G Spot from alot of these other DJs is while I’m typing this right now he’s working on the third CD. Not the next CD he’s dropping, the third one after the next CD he’s dropping. Just like the title goes….Inspired By The South people. Damn that shit sounds like a movement.