DJ G-Spot – Inspired By The South 14

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G-Spot is back and he’s inspired again. He’s got G-Mack ridding shotgun which is a great look for the south. This mixtape series is pluggin’ along doing what a mixtape should…don’t be mad at it figure out a way to get on this mutha fucka and reap the promo rewards.

“I’m Hood” is an anthem, G-Mack stays on that gangsta shit; nothing ground breaking lyrically but g’d up and 4-5th’d down. “Going Digital” by The Alliance kind of grew on me. See what a catchy, infectious hook can do for you…cause the concept as a whole is bland. Good to hear Streetz & Young Deuces on another “Dial Tone” remix. Spark Dawg doing his thing and getting all he can out that joint. “Pop Shake” was another catchy hook joint. I don’t even really think then needed to rhyme, just repeat the hook like that for 2 minutes and their good for a quality ringle….I ain’t mad at it. What do you do when your child goes nuts when “Soulja Boy” comes on the radio? You grin and bear it and under your breath call dude a corny mutha fucka…can someone say ringle again? I applaud David Banner for “So Serious”. While I may not agree with everything he said his heart is the right place and he made some valid points. The sleeper track is The Duck Ryders with “Fuck The Other Side”.

Is the South becoming only all about catchy hooks and beats? Honestly I don’t think so but they are feeling the effects of the new Ringle Industry takeover just like the rest of the country…no one is safe from these major label diseases. The grind continues tho, keep on keeping on and keep being inspired by good music.