DJ G Spot – Inspired By The South 8

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G Spot ain’t playing with ya’ll man. One of the mixtape series of the year right here. Kiotti is holding it down heavy on this here CD. If you don’t know who Kiotti is by now I really don’t know what to tell you. He def gonna blow outta Texas. Shout out to 31 Degreez too, he been pushing Kiotti like no other.

See, thats what you do when you host a mixtape. You do an exclusive freestyle! That’s how it should be and I know G Spot is a mixtape heavy weight but still that’s what you DJs need to be pulling off. And the award for anthem of the mixtape goes to “Don’t Trip” remix. Man oh man that joint is catchy, can you say rewind? Bad Daddy got a hit with “Do Ya Thang”, he killed the hook. Twizted Mind still doing his thing with “They Don’t Know”. That beat got an ill vibe to it and I’m fucking with those chopped hooks. One of the trillest MCs on mixtapes today is that cat Attitude. “Right Quick” is my joint and it should be yours too. The sleeper joint of the CD is Kiotti on “Never Can”, def a different look for him but the shit is cool / versatile and its one reason he got next.

Maybe it’s the host, or straight up just the music is better in this installment but this is the Inspired By The South that I fuck with. I’m still bumpin’ “Don’t Trip” people it’s like dope hitting ya veins. Fuck the bullshit, catch Kiotti on a mixtape near you real soon and ya’ll know G Spot will be back with some more ghetto D.