DJ G Spot – Ladies & Gentlemen

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I’m at the bar Friday night right. I see this bitch I knew from highschool days. We at the bar chit-chatting and what not. I had a few drinks this bitch had a few drinks and all of a sudden she’s like “I always wanted to fuck you back in highschool.” So in my head I’m thinking “damn, bitches ain’t got no fucking couth man.” We on some grown shit, up in the nice lounge and this chic wants to bring it back to some 1992 highschool shit. So after this bitch leaves my house Saturday morning I wanted to mellow out, I smoked an L and listened to some G Spot Ladies and Gentlemen.

“Do It For Me” got me feeling lovely as all hell, nice mello grove people and nobody is trying to spit 16 on it either. I spoke to soon……”Bossy” is cool but I gotta say AP did his 1,2 thing type nice over that beat. Kelis annoys me with that hook, she should stick to singing like a whore. Man, Brook Hogan is all studio’d out on the MIC, she can’t sing, Paul Wall laced her though. Hold up man, Young Joc got the same flow again on this joint with Marques Houston. Hmmm we might be dealing with a one hit wonder. Grump impressed with “Back In A Minute”, def a good look.

Truth be told the CD is average man. I mean G Spot got skills and a damn good ear for music but usually the not-so-typical tracks are what puts his R&B; joints over the top and they just weren’t here. You got your typical joints: “When You’re Mad”, “Dope Girl”, and “Stunnas” which are aight. Then you got Jaya feat JV on “I Miss You”…. who??? and Soul ID with a lackluster attempt on “Believe”. It just didn’t come togther on this CD for me.