DJ G-Spot – Midwest Invasion 10

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The invasion continues, as DJ G-Spot never stops doing what real DJs do. There’s too much talent in the Midwest and really only a few DJs support it. Damn shame too but regardless, if it’s dope DJ G-Spot’s gonna shine a light on it.

Where did you hear Chip Tha Ripper first? For most of you reading this it was on Rapmullet, real talk. It’s what we do, the ultimate spot light for that jump-start. It’s funny tho cause after that jump start we don’t hear from you. Typical. Anyway, “Extra Extra” is that knock with Chip’s patented casual flow. On some real live mixtape music shit, Mick Luter got bars! Give that man some more Premo beats to shred. Shout to Twizted Mind, “Fast Forward” had me re-winding…no lie. This that angry bounce I’ve been fucking with lately. Another Midwest staple MC is Drastic. “Whatever Emcee” is that booth burning shit. Tell me Drastic isn’t focused after hearing this one. If you never heard of Phoenix Jones, you’re a douche bag. Sorry but that man got MIC skills and if you’re a fan of real MCs you need to hear “Get It In”. We’re shutting down highlights with Shawn D Don’s “Youngin”. That’s def a lyrical ass MC, someone you need to be checking for too.

This is classic DJ G-Spot right here. He’s finding talent all while laughing his ass off at the rest of ya’ll pushin bullshit on mixtapes. Some say real DJs do real things and yes, DJ G-Spot is a REAL DJ.