DJ G Spot – Talent Finder 2

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I missed out on part one and the shit was my fault too. I lost the file somehow, somebody slap me. I gotta say man, I’m really diggin’ the way DJs are starting to find talent and put it out there for the masses. It’s an important part of just being a good DJ, ya dig?

Balance is that dude, but you already know this man. “Grind” will get heads noddin’ and asses shaking all in the same song. This track is def growing on me and more club DJs need to pick up on it and give it some burn. “Boomin” system is truly for ya ride, the bass got rear view mirrors everywhere shook, pun intended. The Replacementz won’t be stopped man, even if they aren’t aphilliated anymore. “That’s My Shhh” is an anthem for the streets, fuck that. The thing I like the most about The Replacementz is the sound they bring to the table. They got some soul in their shit man, fuck swagger bring back the soul. “Do Ya Thang” got sound people. Team Tuck hits with “Summer Jam”, they play well off each other vocally and they def don’t sound like any other duo out right now. On some true mixtape shit “Imaginary Player” got it, get up on Team Tuck people. Hmmm Bredwinna def got that old school east coast sound. Kinda like a Redman/Sadat X vibe going on. True MIC skills is evident on “Buckin’ Em”, Bredwinna bouncing down the beat with precision. “Party Ya’ll” got a crazy vibe to it, it’s not for everyone but that true essence of rockin’ a party is undeniable. I’ve been up on Saj Supreme and he obliterate’s “Click Pull” on some lyrical green beret type shit. Garbs Infinite is the shit too, don’t sleep on him either.

I’m still not rating these artist showcase CDs, theirs no need to really. Just cop, listen and deceide for yourself who got next and who should be on your next CD. Shit is that easy man.