DJ G Spot – Terminate On Site

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Everyone give G Spot a round of applause please. He had the Lil Wayne mixtape dropping, and I’m assuming about to be pressed up if not already and after the Lil Wayne Gate incident he scrapped the whole thing. Not too many DJs have morals or live by a code these days so when a DJ does take a stand it should be highlighted and even more so…emulated.

I can tell this project energized G Spot, you can hear it in the first couple of tracks. He got his remix on!! I’ve seen cats on the internet down playing the new G Unit album as if cats aren’t checking for it…get the fuck outta here. “I Like The Way She Do It” is in 9 out of 10 cars right now bumping loud as hell. G Spot pimped the track out with his remix…bitch better have my money after listening to this one. Then he proceeded to add Common to the “Royal Flush” remix…beat on beat blended too. Royce Da 5’9” can still rhyme…as evident on “Done Talkin. Dude got some shit to get off his chest. Not sure how much of Budden “diss” that was tho. Shout to Drastic still doing his thing on joints like “You Know You Should”. Midwest MCs stand up. Shit lagged a little with “This Is The Life” remix and “Lil Freak”. I mean the tracks are cool but that energy from the first 8-9 tracks is gone. G Spot putting Maino on the remix for “Put On” was kinda fly. Maino got a hit on his hands, with “Hi Hater”, let’s see if the DJs run with it or not. The sleeper track is “How We Raised” by Mick Luter. Never heard of dude but that track has soul for days and the word play is proper too. Bredwinna is a sleeper too tho. “Dat’s Tight” is polished as hell and the piano in the beat had me open. “I Want In” has one of the worst hooks I’ve ever heard. What was Nas thinking? Damn. Don’t sleep on that Chip Tha Ripper “Fresh Fly” joint either.

Dead ass real the mixtape started off on fire, the energy was real. As stated above tho shit lagged a little in the middle G Spot was able to bring it back at the end. I’m def diggin Doo Wop’s “Go DJ 2008”. One thing you can never front on is Doo Wop’s MIC game and G Spot’s mixtape consistency.