DJ Gera – When House Was Da Shit

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I’m not a House music head by any means, that title used to belong to Dimez back in the late 80’s. Rockin’ overalls and Dock Martins and shit. I do however know some House classics and well I’ve been known to break out into the Robot on quite a few occasions while sippin’ that dark. Plus with mixing House music you can really get a feel for how smooth the DJ can actually mix.

“Thump..thump..thump..thump..thump-thump” and then the horns come in cats start breaking wild on the dance floor. That thump is def the common denominator in House music, to me anyway. The first classic I new well was “Follow Me”. The vocal is a little fruity but I remember getting my groove on in the club to this. (Think Club MTV days). Off course I know “Whores In This House”. If you don’t, well your not really on your game or your just really really young. Chicks used to flock to the dance floor when this came on people, they probably still do. Probably the best track of the whole CD is “Hot Music”. I remember Dimez rocking this at damn near every party he DJ’d and cats going crazy. One of those must have records in your crates if you rockin a party. Only thing I remember about “Around The World” is that damn video. (sighs)

No lie, I was pretty lost at this point of the CD, can’t front. The CD is good listen though. Kinda puts you in a feel good mood, maybe a little too good if you know what I mean. (j/k) Aight people it’s dance time. Everyone stick your right arm straight out in front of you, palms down. Now kick your right leg up to your hand as the beat plays. Gera is on his game mixing wise, can’t front on that at all.