DJ Green Lantern & Uncle Murda – Say Uncle – 2 Hard 4 Hip Hop

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I have an uncle, his name is Brad; Uncle Brad. He lives in CT, where most of my family if from. He owns a bakery on some “time to make the donuts” type shit and to my knowledge he’s never murdered anyone. Does anyone else take issue with this cats name? Uncle Murda? Come on people! I would have expected better from Green to be honest with you. Shit I’d rather hear .38 get busy on the MIC with some gun play and get some shine than an MC who is a serial killer on wax. How do you market an MC when part of their name is Murda? You actually think this cat is gonna sell records?

I listened to the CD a couple times and it’s classic Green Lantern doing what he does best when it comes to executive producing a mixtape (choosing dope beats), dropping hot original production and making an MC sound a hell of a lot better than they really are. As far as Uncle is concerned it’s the same old shit with a different voice attached to it. MCs are not literally killing people. “See Uncle Murda catches bodies and I be killing the track”, he spits on “Cough Up A Lung”. Then spits that “he’s gonna be the first rapper to shoot a rapper”. Its fake man and I don’t give a shit what this MC did in the PAST he doesn’t do it now and if he does he’s a flaming idiot. I mean this cat is flat out telling people to “rob” cats if they’re broke. Not in a rhyme in some sort of creative way, just flat out talking on the CD. That ain’t entertainment that’s just ignorant shit. His flow is choppy, his subject matter is tired as hell, he does have a few well thought out punch lines and he attacks the MIC like only a few MCs I’ve heard but I’m still not impressed. They use the tag “too hard for hip hop” on this CD but it should have been “same shit different CD”.

Uncle Murder flat out said in “Getting Money Gangsta” ; “I’m bringing hip hop back and can’t stand the south/ I did all that crazy shit I be talking about.” Then has the nerve to sing on the hook. What part of the being an dope MC is that? It sounds like dude doesn’t know who he is. What is he going to do to stand out from the already established MCs that can creatively spit that hard shit better than he can? I’d be lying to you if I said Uncle Murder was going any place other than mixtapes right now. He’s still got a shot because Green is down but it’s gonna take some well needed “development” and maybe a miracle or two. To all the “bring N-Y back people” if you think Uncle is your savior…”I feel sorry for your mother!”